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Originally hops were used for their preservative, anti-bacterial qualities.  Used to add Bitterness to beer.  Beer that is not hopped tastes very sweet.  They add flavor and aroma to  the beer.

Sold in 30gr ( 1oz ) or 480gr ( 1lbs ) bags

For the experienced beer maker, Brewers Direct now carries the following hops varieties:

CASCADE – Pleasant, flowery, spicy, and citrusy.  Can have a grapefruit flavor.  Typical beer styles: Pale Ale, IPA, porter, and barley wine.

CENTENNIAL – Medium with floral and citrus notes. Recommended for all ale styles, and has been used with wheat beer.

CLUSTER – Medium and quite spicy.  Recommended for ale and lager (good aroma for ale, good bittering for lager).

FUGGLE – Mild and pleasant, earthy and fruity.  Recommended for any English-style beer or American ale.

GOLDING – Mild, extremely pleasant and gently hoppy.  Recommended for pale ale, ESB, and all English-style beer.

HALLERTAUER – Very mild, pleasant, and slightly flowery, some spicy.  Best with lager, pilsner, bock and wheat.

MT. HOOD – Mild, pleasant and clean, somewhat pungent and resiny.  Recommended for lager, pilsner, bock and wheat.

NORTHERN BREWER – Medium-strong with some wild tones.  Recommended for ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter, California (steam) beer.

NUGGET – Quite heavy and herbal.  Best for light lager.

SAAZ – Mild and pleasant, earthy and spicy.  Recommended for Pilsner, lager and wheat.

TETTNANGER – An aromatic hop, mild and slightly spicy.  Used in German ales and lagers, American lagers and wheat beers.

WILLAMETTE – Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, and a little earthy.  Recommended for pale ale, ESB, bitter, English-style ale, porter, and stout.

Mosaic – This is considered a dual purpose varietal hop with a peak in the aroma aspect. In the last 4 years its become very popular in North American craft brew industry.

Citra – This hop’s main draw is a fruity citrus character unlike any other hop presently available.

Simcoe – This variety is known for its diversity and unique complexity along with a smooth bitterness due to its high alpha acid content and extremely low co-humulane content. This hop variety is often associated with IPAs, their stronger cousin double IPAs, and their newer siblings India Black Ale and India Red Ale.

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