Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine the alcohol content of my wine?

My wine has no fermentation after 72 hours

Why do I need to stabilize my wine before bottling? Can I bottle it immediately after it is stabilized, or should I wait seven days?

While racking my wine, it gave off a sulphur smell. Can I fix it?

How do I create more tannin flavor in my wine?

I’m allergic to sulfites. Can I make wine without them?

What causes hydrogen sulfide (HS2) contamination (rotten egg smell)?

How do I fix a stuck fermentation?

Why does it take so long for my wine to be drinkable? I want it now!

What can I use to sweeten my wine?

Is my wine ready to bottle?

Back in December I made some ice wine. It turned out great – beautiful color and had a great taste. About a week or so after I bottled it, sugar crystals settled in the bottle on the side. What’s wrong?

We always rack after five weeks of fermentation. The S.G. is generally between .992 and .995. What are the down sides of leaving it longer than five weeks? What are the benefits?

How should I prepare my filter pads for filtering?

No matter how much I stir, I still have foam on my wine. How can I tell if my wine is really degassed?

Why would I add banana powder (or flakes) to my wine?

What water should I use when making my wine?

Do I need to strain the water from the oak?

How do I know if my wine is fermenting and when it is finished?

Do I have to filter my wine?

Is there anything special I need to know about yeast?

How long will it take to degas my wine?

What is the #4 Sorbate pack used for?

What is the specific gravity?

How do I put the capsules on my bottles?

Should a red wine be allowed to breath?

To chill, or not to chill?

What becomes of the skins and pits of grapes after the wine has been made?

Can old bottles of wine present a health risk? Also, how can I distinguish if a bottle of wine is tainted?

Why must you age wine?

What is that stuff sometimes found at the bottom of the bottle?

Does wine really have health benefits?

How long will wine last after it has been opened? Also, how do I make it last longer?

What is the difference between Flash Sterilization and Pasteurization?

I started my wine two days ago and it looks like it has gone mouldy. What should I do?