Wine Classes

Monthly Winemaker Classes are given by knowledgeable and experienced staff once a month with a minimum 10 registrations. Classes will take place on the last Saturday of each month starting at 2 pm (1 – 2 Hours) at the Sargent Store location. You will be contacted if the class is being held that month. Each month a different topic of interest is covered.

  • January – Making a Four Week Wine Kit
  • February – Making a Six Week Wine Kit
  • March – Making a Pure Juice Kit
  • April – Making Beer from a 23 liter Premium Kit
  • May – Making a Fruit Wine Kit
  • June – Learning about Draft Systems for Beer and Filtering Your Beer
  • July – Summer Break
  • August – Summer Break
  • September – Making Sherry, Port, and Ice Wine
  • October – Filtering Your Wine with a Buon Vino Filter System and Corking Your Wine
  • November – Learning How to Make Liqueurs
  • December – Learning the Benefits of Additives for your Wine

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