CO2 Tanks – 5lbs, 10lbs & 20lbs


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  • Cylinders are made from Luxfer’s exclusive L6X alloy, a proprietary version of 6061-T6 specially optimized by Luxfer metallurgists to improve its durability, fracture toughness and resistance to tearing and cracking. More than 40 million L6X cylinders in service around the world have an exemplary record for safety and dependability.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant interior and exterior-ideal for wet gases
  • Cylinders perform well at low temperatures.
  • Lightweight–up to 40 percent lighter than comparable steel cylinders.
  • Consistent weight.
  • Thick, consistent walls resist damage.
  • Cylinders meet or exceed all regulatory standards worldwide.

The 20 lb CO2 cylinders include a carry handle for easy transport.

The ideal choice for dispensing beers, lagers, ciders, stouts and carbonated soft drinks, as well as for use in kegerators and other home dispensing devices. Please Note: All CO2 cylinders are sourced from several manufacturers. As a result, the cylinder you receive may have a brushed dome or unfinished dome.

Available in 5lb, 10lb and 20lb

Brewers Direct is proud to offer new 5lb, 10lb and 20lb CO2 tanks at a great price.

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