CO2 Regulator


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  • 30 PSI low pressure gauge – more precise range for dispensing beer at home (as opposed to the standard 60 psi gauge)
  • Built in tank gasket- for convenient tank swaps
  • Built in pressure relief valve – set to blow off at 60 psi for safety. Also features a pull ring so you can release excess pressure at any time, a very handy feature
  • On/Off valve with barb- easily connect line and turn off supply of CO2 for working with keg connections etc.
  • Chrome plated brass – high quality and rust-resistant
  • Large CO2 diaphragm – for increased performance and reliability

Tips & Tricks:

  • Are you out of CO2? When the needle reads half way in the red you are about 10% full. You should be able to push another 2-3gallons of beer when your at this amount of remaining gas
  • What is an ideal serving pressure? For most beers a pressure set at 10-12PSI is the sweet spot. Your beer has to be stored cold from 34-40F for this pressure to work properly
  • Is your beer serving a lot of foam? Don’t panic this is not hard to fix. Your beer line must be 5-8 feet in length for this to work. Turn the black check valve to the close position. Release the pressure from your keg’s relief valve. Lower the pressure to 6-8psi by turning the flat head screw on the front of the regulator counter clock wise. Open the black check valve releasing CO2 to your keg. Try serving your beer
  • Is my beer over carbonated? Any beer that is stored under pressure above 12psi will become overcarbonated. If you’re trying to speed up the process to carbonate your beer by raising your pressure anywhere from 15-20psi make sure you don’t leave your beer at this pressure for more than 2-3 days. If you did this you will need to release all the pressure from the keg before serving and set your serving pressure at 4-6psi depending the carbonation of your beer. After a week you will have to raise your pressure back to the optimum 10-12psi serving pressure
Brewers Direct is proud to offer The Co2 regulator at a great price.

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Dimensions 15.2 × 17.8 × 15.2 cm