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Australia’s finest brewers bring you a wide range of Aussie beer styles.

Aussie Pale Ale- Due to popular demand our master brewers have developed a beer concentrate in the style of the famous COOPERS ORIGINAL PALE ALE which is considered an Australian icon. The finest 2-row barley, hops and specially selected yeast combine to produce a beer with fruity and floral characters, balanced with a crisp bitterness and compelling flavour perfect for every occasion.

Dark Ale– Rich Mahogany colour and a creamy head. Roasted malt aromas with a hint of chocolate, generous mouthfeel dominated by roasted malt flavours, sufficient hop bitterness to give balance and a dry finish.

India Pale Ale– Early records of “Cooper and Sons” producing India Pale Ale can be found in the South Australian Advertiser, dated February 1868. Thomas Coopers IPA (India Pale Ale) produces a beer with all the hallmarks of a genuine IPA from the “mother land”.  A strong ale with robust malt characters, high bitterness and overt late hop (styrian golding) aroma.

Irish Stout– Rich, dark brew displaying coffee, chocolate and licorice aromatics, roasty bitter notes with a dry finish.  Coopers Irish Stout is an authentic recipe containing a blend of malted barley, roasted barley, flaked barley and hops.  The pour will show a turbulent, cascading tan foaming action.  Eventually, this settles into a creamy beige coloured head that rests atop the beer.

Wheat Beer- A pale, cloudy beer, refreshingly spritzy and tart with a delicious creamy frothiness, Thomas Coopers Wheat Beer is made from premium malted wheat, pale malted barley and selected hops. Wheat beers are a great summer refresher, low in bitterness and considered by many as the “champagne” of the beer world.

Lager – Straw Colour with golden hues and a lacy white head. Light floral aromas follow through on a light to medium bodied palate with subtle malt and hop flavours and a clean finish. An Australian Lager style with plenty of character.

Draught – Light yellow-gold colour with a tightly packed white head, floral nose with a hint of malt, medium bodied palate with delicate hopping and a slightly bitter finish. The most discerning draught drinker will appreciate this beer.

Stout – Dark brown colour with a persistent head resembling espresso creamer, a blend of coffee, chocolate and grain aromas, exceptional mouthfeel and dark malt characteristics. The combination of malt tannins and hop bitterness results in a dry finish. Can be consumed young or cellared for a number of years with excellent results.

Canadian Blonde – Pale straw colour. Crisp pale malt aromas with a hint of spicy hops, clean pale malt flavours and a light-bodied palate that finishes with obvious hop bitterness. Perfect for summer drinking.

Bitter – Made using aromatic hops and more malt than other beers it has a strong refreshing flavor which has made it a popular choice among those who appreciate quality old-English styled beer.

Mexican Cervesa – Emulates the style of the finest quality Mexican Beers. Light in style with a fresh, clean taste. Ideally, serve with a wedge of lime or lemon.

Real Ale – Displays a solid head and a distinctive, full-bodied flavour enhanced by a soft, fruity character. A true ale in style and colour.


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