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The light dry malt extract is produced wholly from pure malt extract to create naturally-conditioned ales. It is ideal for making beer with light colours and taste. The light dry malt extract can help improve the body as well as the head retention of the beer. It can also add a tinge of malt character to your ale thus enhancing the natural flavour, aroma and imparts a deeper colour to your finished beer.

The mild malt taste provided by the light dry malt extract makes it an excellent addition when making any type of beer. Examples of beer that use light dry malt extracts are Munich and Vienna Malts to name a few.Malt extract is a thick, sugary syrup or dry powder prepared from malt. Basically, it is sweet wort reduced to a syrup or powder formed by removing most of the water by the process of low vacuum evaporation. Generally speaking, the more you add the greater the alcohol content and body of your beer. They’re very popular in baking with bakers.


Amber (DME) Dry Malt Extract. Pure extract great for pale ales, amber ales, reds, darker beers such as stouts and porter and any pale German ale or lager; Munich beers, Bocks, Oktoberfest.


Pure dry malt extract great for darker extract beers. Works well in red and amber ales, stouts and porters, barleywines, brown ales, anything where you need deep and rich colour and flavour.


Wheat DME is a light coloured pure dry malt extract. Great for extract wheat beers and to adjust the flavour of wheat and other styles of all grain brews.

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