Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Yeast


Product Description

Classic is the best all rounder Turbo Yeast, performing excellently under most conditions. Use with 8 kg of sugar for high ABV, or 6 kg of sugar for fast fermenting. Classic has been further improved with the inclusion of new mineral absorbents, further improving distillate quality. BrewersDirect offers the best selection and price.

Sugar: 8kg

Fermentation capabilities: 10 days at 16C

Water start temperature: 30C

Water volume: 20L

Air Temperature Tolerance: 20C – 25C

Approximate Ethanol: 20%

Quantity pot still (50%): 8.9L

Quantity reflux still (70%): 6.2L

Quantity T500 still (93%):5.3L

Sugar usage: never add more than required amount of sugar and take care to dissolve thoroughly. using too much sugar, or inadequately dissolving sugar, will result in slow fermentation. in extreme cases, fermentation will cease.

any undissolved sugar may kill yeast and you will start with the wrong volume. It will also reduce alcohol yield and quality.

Additional Information

Weight .175 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 1 × 14.5 cm