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Brewers Direct offers a variety of Liquor Quik flavors:

Absinthe Vert – NEW! a classic French style wormwood and anise flavored spirit, typically drunk sweetened with sugar cubes and ice water

Amaretto – the most popular Italian almond liqueur

Amber Cuban Rum – golden, barrel aged reserved rum

Anisette (Pastis) – a sweet aniseed flavored liqueur which emulsifies (becomes milky) when mixed with water

Apricot Brandy – a delicious blend of apricot and brandy

Black SambucaNEW! a popular Italian aniseed (black licorice) liqueur

Blue Curacao Liqueur – a blue colored citrus liqueur made from brandy, orange peel and herbs

Blueberry Vodka – blueberry flavored vodka

Bombay Dry Gin – a special liquor blend of juniper and other botanicals

Canadian Rye Whiskey – the classic Canadian whiskey

Cherry Brandy – a classic Northern European style fruit liqueur

Coconut Rum – a blend of coconut and Caribbean white rum

Cranberry Vodka – a slightly tart cranberry flavored premium vodka.

Crème de Menthe – the classic green peppermint liqueur

Danish Aquavit – a Danish style rye aquavit flavored with caraway, anise and fennel

Dark Jamaican Rum – the original dark navy rum

Distillers Caramel – a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liqueurs and dark beers; unlike regular caramel it is self stable for several years up to 75% ABV

Golden Tequila – a barrel-aged Anejo style tequila with a mild, rich flavor

Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps – a unique blend of hot and sweet cinnamon liqueur with real gold flakes

Grappa – a traditional Italian liqueur made from distilling grape pomace

Green Apple Vodka – a slightly tart apple flavored premium vodka

Hazelnut Liqueur – a traditional Italian nut liqueur

Honey Mead – used to add character; adds flavor to finished product

Hot CinnamonNEW! classic hot cinnamon liqueur

Irish Cream Liqueur – a blend of Irish Whisky, cream and chocolate

Irish Whiskey – NEW! a classic fruit liqueur

Italiano – a popular Italian herb & vanilla liqueur

Jackbitter – is a classic German style dry semi-bitter herb liqueur

Kentucky Bourbon – This type of Whiskey is made primarily from corn. It is always aged in oak barrels and therefore contains oaky vanilla tones. Bourbon has a heavier taste than most whiskeys.

Lemon Vodka – a lightly spiced lemon flavored premium vodka

London Dry Gin – the classic juniper based English liquor

Mandarin Vodka – a mandarin orange flavored vodka

Melon Vodka – a blend of melon flavored premium vodka

Mexican Coffee – the world’s #1 coffee liqueur

Natural Maple Smoke – used to enhance flavors on finished product; adds character

Orange Brandy – a magical blend of orange and brandy

Peach Schnapps – a classic fruit liqueur

Pear Brandy – a magical blend of pear and brandy

Peppermint Schnapps – a classic fiery white peppermint

Plum Brandy – the classic Eastern European dry plum schnapps

Raspberry Vodka – a red raspberry flavored premium vodka

Russian Vodka – the classic Moscovite style vodka

Sambuca (White) – a popular Italian aniseed (licorice taste) liqueur

Scotch Honey Whisky – a famous blend of whisky, honey and herbs

Scotch Whisky (Blended) – based on the famous red label whisky

Southern Whisky – a delicious blend of Bourbon Whisky and citrus fruits

Spiced Apple Schnapps – a special spiced blend of cinnamon and apples

Spiced Rum – the popular cinnamon and spice blended rum

Swiss Chocolate Almond – a delicious blend of dark chocolate and almond

Triple Sec – a citrus liqueur made from marc brandy, orange peel and herbs

White Caribbean Rum – the original light, white rum

XO Brandy – an extra fine French style grape brandy.

They’re very popular in baking with bakers and in the use of essential oil.

Distillers Conditioner: We highly recommend the use of this product for best results. This releases carbon dioxide & stops foaming of unfermented sugars during distillation. ( Still Spirit product )

Brewers Direct is proud to offer Liqour Quik at a great price.




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