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Brewers Direct offers a variety of Liquor Quik flavors:

Absinthe Vert – NEW! a classic French style wormwood and anise flavored spirit, typically drunk sweetened with sugar cubes and ice water

Amaretto – the most popular Italian almond liqueur

Amber Cuban Rum – golden, barrel aged reserved rum

Anisette (Pastis) – a sweet aniseed flavored liqueur which emulsifies (becomes milky) when mixed with water

Apricot Brandy – a delicious blend of apricot and brandy

Black SambucaNEW! a popular Italian aniseed (black licorice) liqueur

Blue Curacao Liqueur – a blue colored citrus liqueur made from brandy, orange peel and herbs

Blueberry Vodka – blueberry flavored vodka

Bombay Dry Gin – a special liquor blend of juniper and other botanicals

Canadian Rye Whiskey – the classic Canadian whiskey

Cherry Brandy – a classic Northern European style fruit liqueur

Coconut Rum – a blend of coconut and Caribbean white rum

Cranberry Vodka – a slightly tart cranberry flavored premium vodka.

Crème de Menthe – the classic green peppermint liqueur

Danish Aquavit – a Danish style rye aquavit flavored with caraway, anise and fennel

Dark Jamaican Rum – the original dark navy rum

Distillers Caramel – a specially made extra dark caramel used to color liqueurs and dark beers; unlike regular caramel it is self stable for several years up to 75% ABV

Golden Tequila – a barrel-aged Anejo style tequila with a mild, rich flavor

Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps – a unique blend of hot and sweet cinnamon liqueur with real gold flakes

Grappa – a traditional Italian liqueur made from distilling grape pomace

Green Apple Vodka – a slightly tart apple flavored premium vodka

Hazelnut Liqueur – a traditional Italian nut liqueur

Honey Mead – used to add character; adds flavor to finished product

Hot CinnamonNEW! classic hot cinnamon liqueur

Irish Cream Liqueur – a blend of Irish Whisky, cream and chocolate

Irish Whiskey – NEW! a classic fruit liqueur

Italiano – a popular Italian herb & vanilla liqueur

Jackbitter – is a classic German style dry semi-bitter herb liqueur

Kentucky Bourbon – This type of Whiskey is made primarily from corn. It is always aged in oak barrels and therefore contains oaky vanilla tones. Bourbon has a heavier taste than most whiskeys.

Lemon Vodka – a lightly spiced lemon flavored premium vodka

London Dry Gin – the classic juniper based English liquor

Mandarin Vodka – a mandarin orange flavored vodka

Melon Vodka – a blend of melon flavored premium vodka

Mexican Coffee – the world’s #1 coffee liqueur

Natural Maple Smoke – used to enhance flavors on finished product; adds character

Orange Brandy – a magical blend of orange and brandy

Peach Schnapps – a classic fruit liqueur

Pear Brandy – a magical blend of pear and brandy

Peppermint Schnapps – a classic fiery white peppermint

Plum Brandy – the classic Eastern European dry plum schnapps

Raspberry Vodka – a red raspberry flavored premium vodka

Russian Vodka – the classic Moscovite style vodka

Sambuca (White) – a popular Italian aniseed (licorice taste) liqueur

Scotch Honey Whisky – a famous blend of whisky, honey and herbs

Scotch Whisky (Blended) – based on the famous red label whisky

Southern Whisky – a delicious blend of Bourbon Whisky and citrus fruits

Spiced Apple Schnapps – a special spiced blend of cinnamon and apples

Spiced Rum – the popular cinnamon and spice blended rum

Swiss Chocolate Almond – a delicious blend of dark chocolate and almond

Triple Sec – a citrus liqueur made from marc brandy, orange peel and herbs

White Caribbean Rum – the original light, white rum

XO Brandy – an extra fine French style grape brandy.

They’re very popular in baking with bakers and in the use of essential oil.

Distillers Conditioner: We highly recommend the use of this product for best results. This releases carbon dioxide & stops foaming of unfermented sugars during distillation. ( Still Spirit product )

Brewers Direct is proud to offer Liqour Quik at a great price.




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Absinthe Vert, Amber Cuban Rum, Black Sambuca, Blueberry Vodka, Danish Aquavit, Distillers Conditioner, Goldrush Cinnamon Schnapps, Grappa, Hot Cinnamon, Irish Whiskey, Mandarin Vodka, Peppermint Schnapps, Amaretto, Anisette (Pastis), Apricot Brandy, Blue Curacao Liqueur, Bombay Dry Gin, Canadian Rye Whiskey, Cherry Brandy, Coconut Rum, Cranberry Vodka, Creme de Menthe, Dark Jamaican Rum, Distillers Caramel, Golden Tequila, Green Apple Vodka, Hazelnut Liqueur, Honey Mead, Irish Cream Liqueur, Italiano, Jackbitter, Kentucky Bourbon, Lemon Vodka, London Dry Gin, Melon Vodka, Mexican Coffee, Natural Maple Charcoal Smoke, Orange Brandy, Peach Schnapps, Pear Brandy, Plum Brandy, Raspberry Vodka, Russian Vodka, Sambuca (White), Scotch Honey Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey (Blended), Southern Whiskey, Spiced Apple Schnapps, Spiced Rum, Swiss Chocolate Almond, White Caribbean Rum, XO Brandy, Triple Sec