Mini-Jet Filter System

At Brewers Direct we offer a variety of equipment rentals to make your perfect batch of wine or beer.

The Mini-Jet Filter System is a professional polishing filtering system which allows you to filter clear finished wine (wine cannot be hazy when putting through this system or it will clog the filter pads; we advise using the Super Jet Filter System for hazy wine or wait until wine clears).  It is a quick and easy filter system – 15 minute process per 23l batch.    Three types of filter pads are available to use with this unit: #1 (Reds), #2 (Whites), #3 (Polishing).  All filter pads sold separately.

Please ensure equipment is cleaned prior to return or a $10 cleaning fee will be charged.

Our staff is more than willing to answer any questions or walk you through the process.  Rent this unit for only $5/day.