One of the most amazing attributes of wine is the variety of nuances in the flavours and bouquet. these uniquely individual characteristics are a direct result of the local conditions that the vines experience. Sun, wind, moisture, soil – all of these influences are reflected in the final product. With Reflexion, a new international line of fine 12l wine kits, you can experience the flavours from around the world.

Whites on Sale: Chardonnay (Chile), Liebfraumilch (Germany), Muller-Thurgau (Germany), Pinot Grigio (Italy), Riesling (Australia), Sauvignon Blanc (France), Semillon chardonnay (France), Viognier (France).

Reds on Sale: Amarone (Italy), Barolo, Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile), Cabernet/Merlot (California), Cabernet/Shiraz (Australia), Gamay Noir (South Africa), Malbec (Argentina), Merlot (France), Rioja (Spain), Shiraz (Australia), Zinfandel Blush (USA).

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