WYeast Brewers Yeast


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Liquid yeast is the choice for more advanced home brewers. Yeast strains available in liquid form number in the hundreds and style specific strains allow for a much more authentic brew to be made. Due to the wide choice of yeast strains it allows you to brew a beer with the specific strain that is traditionally used.

Styles Available:

  • All-American Ale
  • American Lager
  • Bavarian Wheat
  • Belgian Abbey Ale
  • Belgian Ale
  • Belgian Lambic Blend
  • Belgian Wheat
  • British Ale
  • California Lager
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Danish Lager
  • German Ale
  • German Wheat
  • Irish Ale
  • London Ale
  • Mead Dry
  • Mead Sweet
  • Munich Lager
  • Northwest Ale
  • Pilsner-Lager
  • Scottish Ale
  • Trappist High Gravity
  • Weihenstefan Wheat
  • West Yorkshire Ale

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