Tosca Express White

Tosca Vino Express White 4 week wine kit – 7kg


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Product Description

The Tosca Vino Express White

  • 7kg wine kit
  • 4 week wine kit
  • Make 23 liters


Pinot Grigio: This modern and bold Italian style white blend is extraordinarily crisp, with floral aromas and flavours that are balanced by lush tropical fruit and full character. L/M/D

Gerurztraminer: Spicy notes, typical of Gewurztraminer are complimented by aromas of roses, lychees and tropical fruit. Elderflowers bring out intense fruity characteristics. U/M/O

Chardonnay: A classic style Chardonnay that is clean, crisp, and rich in varietal character with fruit flavours abound. It is golden-hued and slightly tart while flavours of vanilla and cloves tantalize the palate. M/M/D

Moscato: This modern New World white highlights the grapefruit and floral notes, the minerality of the southern soils of Italy, and the tropical aromas of Sicily. U/M/D

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Additional Information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 20 cm
Vino Express White

Chardonnay, Gerwurzrtaminer, Pinot Grigio, Moscato