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6 Week Wine Kits – 16L WHITE WINES


Buttery oak tones combine with the fresh fruit flavours of apple, apricot and melon in this rich, easy-drinking and versatile wine. To produce this popular blend, smoky Chardonnay is combined with Riesling’s hint of fresh pear and apricot offset by bold floral and honey undertones and Pinot Grigio’s crisp flavours of honey, wildflower and smoke. The result is a blended white wine that pairs well with grilled, roasted or sauteed dishes, be it white meat or seafood. Veal, pasta and soft, bold cheeses such Camembert, Feta, Swiss and Havarti also work well, as do blue-veined cheeses and some chocolate-based treats.


Fruity and sweet, lush and buttery, this medium-bodied white wine blend is extremely drinkable. A real crowd-pleaser, it combines the dry, exotic flavours of Viognier with Riesling’s intense notes of fresh pear, apricot and honey, and the oaky overtones and hints of apple, pear, citrus, and melon for which Chardonnay is so famous. This blend is perfect for casual evenings with friends or formal dinners. Pair it with bold but light flavours, such as Blue cheese, havarti, seafood and spicier dishes. The blend can also be used to complement a range of desserts, including chocolate treats, as well as creamier ones, like cheesecake or tiramisu.


The Australian Trio blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Chardonnay is a sophisticated wine with a range of flavours. A mediun-to-full bodied white wine with a dry feel and bright acidity, the Sauvignon Blanc in this blend offers the crisp, smoky flavours of apple, grass and olive, while the Chardonnay lends notes of buttery oak and Semillion provides a nutty, figgy aspect to its profile. The result is a blend that is as good as a sipping wine at dinner parties on warm to cool evenings as it is for casual gatherings. This blend extremely versatile, paring well with stews, cream sauces, fresh salads and spicier fare. The blend shines especially well when served with chicken or most seafood.


The buttery, oaky tastes of Chardonnay’s apple, pear, citrus and melon meets the amber-hued orange blossom, orange peel and white flowers of Muscat, and Chenin Blanc’s light to medium-bodied dry notes of apple, pear, cantaloupe, green melon, banana, lemon, faint cinnamon, nuts, figs, caramel, brown sugar, toffee and candy apple. The result is a white wine blend which can be served in cool weather or warm, offers a richer medium body and pairs well with a range of foods. Serve this blend with white meat, seafood, cream sauces and cheeses including Provolone, Gruyere Brie, and aged Cheddar.


The intense flavours of fresh pear and apricot offset by bold floral and honey undertones thai is Riesling, combine with the straw-colored tastes of pear, apricot, and tropical fruits for which Muller-Thurgau is known and the lightly-oaked whispers of rose, tropical fruit and spice offered by Gewurztraminer to create an extremely versatile white wine blend that is medium-bodied and on the sweeter side. A fantastic crowd-pleaser, the German Trio is perfect to serve at casual gatherings or as a sipping wine, and can even complement many desserts, including chocolate-based ones and apple pies. Serve this blend with bold cheeses, from rich and tangy Havarti to sharp, blue-veined Stilton, soft ripened cheeses such as Brie, Feta, Mozzarella or Muenster, grilled seafood or chicken, or spicy foods found in Thai or Middle Eastern cuisine.


The Italian Trio is a light -bodied, crisp white wine blend. It combines Pinot Grigio’s dry, crisp flavours of honey, wildflower and smoke with the heavy oak, lemon, pear, juicy fruits, and herbal bouquet of Verdicchio along with the light green apple and almond tastes of Palomino. Refreshing and subtle, this is a perfect summer wine, great for warm evenings , barbecues, friendly gatherings and casual entertaining. Easy-drinking and highly-versatile, this white wine combination is especially well-suited to pesto, tomato-based sauces, light meats such as chicken or white seafood, veal, pasta and soft, ripe cheese, such as Camembert and Feta.


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