Campden Tablets


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Best used for killing wild yeast, mold, and bacteria found on fruit.  Also good for adding to hot water when soaking corks.  After crushing or pressing fruit, add 1-2 finely crushed Campden tablets per gallon and let sit overnight. This will kill off wild yeast and many bacteria, and protect the crushed fruit from oxidation. Add good quality wine yeast the next day. Typically, 0.55 gram each. One tablet per gallon yields about 75 ppm.

We recommend adding 1/2 tablet per gallon at each racking or 1 tablet every other racking. Crush the tablets and dissolve in water or wine before adding. For larger batches (5 gallons) most people prefer the powdered form of the chemical. Campden tablets may be either potassium metabisulfite or sodium bisulfite.

Available in packages of 25, 50 tablets and 500g and 1kg.

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