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Botanical Basket For Table Top Distillers ( essential oils )


Product Description

This Stainless Steel basket fits in both style table top distillers perfectly. Great for extracting oils and flavours form any organic foliage. (Distiller sold separately)


Collecting Essential Oils Using a Table Top Distiller

Step 1. Add 1500ml of water in the distiller and place a 4 inch tall cup in the 1500ml of water.

Step 2. Then place the basket on top of the cup (water should not be touching the bottom of the basket). Add the herb in the basket (make sure you do not put an overflowing amount in the basket).

Step 3. Place top of distiller on the main body and plug in the unit. Place a collection jar under the nozzle.

Step 4.  Approx 15-20min after plugging in the distiller you will see Flora water (hydrosol) and Essential oil coming out of the nozzle. Times will vary depending on altitude and purity of water.

Step 5. Let unit run for 30-45min. Congratulations! You have collected all the essential oil from your product. Unplug unit and let cool before opening the top from distiller as it is pressurised and full of steam. (Danger: Use oven gloves and do not place face close to unit when removing top or you will be burned).

Step 6. A separating funnel will be needed to separate the oils from the flora water. Process will take Approx 5min. Enjoy!

Image may not be exact.


Note: When using the distiller to attain your essential oil, you can use 1500ml of alcohol or wash base instead of water. This will give the essential oils that you collect a longer shelf life.


Additional Information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm